Outside the Lines

The Department of Music presents Outside the Lines, a concert series made possible with financial support from the Linehan Fund for Excellence in the Arts. These concerts feature three unique ensembles dedicated to blurring traditional music formats in presentation and composition. Join us as we explore three very different ways to make and present music, embracing political and social change, expressing female empowerment, utilizing a diversity of genres, and exploring the very act of performance. The Ghost Ensemble brings sculpture and sound together, blurring the lines of each individual instrumental voice to create a meta-instrument. Beyond The Point communicates musically with non-traditional instruments, transcending the barrier between performer in audience and communicating with the full force of a multidisciplinary approach. Artemisia celebrates the art of storytelling through a multi-genre approach, mixing social and political histories and pulling on deep traditions in music making.

Show Past

There is nothing to show at this time.