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April 10, 2021 1:45 PM
Welcome to CompWire, a festival of new music and student composers at UMBC, featuring ensembles in residence Strata and Voyager String Quartet! 
From April 7th to 18th, there will be a variety of concerts of new music including professional ensemble performances, eight senior recitals in one weekend, and more than 25 premieres! 

As a part of Compwire, UMBC and the University of Idaho  started an exchange project where composers from the universities were paired up to interview each other about their music in Spring 2021. After the interviews, each participant created a video or podcast to spotlight the composer and their music.

For more information about the composers and exchange, visit the CompWire website.

April 7: 1:00 pm Featured composer Sofia Kamayianni presents her opera-in-progress A Cloud in Love for the Composer's Forum


April 8: 7:30 pm Strata

April 9: 7:30 pm Strata premiering works by Maidoh, Blake, Martin, Dixon, Borenstein, Gray, Woods


April 15: 7:30 pm Voyager String Quartet


April 16: 5 pm Transisters in a Daze (Kathryn Blake and CJ Escobar Joint Senior Composition Recital)

7:30 pm Veronica Maidoh and Lynn Dixon Joint Senior Composition Recital


April 17: 7:30 pm Frisof/Pesca Duo


April 18: 2 pm The Keaton-Bailer Variety Show (Jeremy Keaton and Peter Bailer Joint Senior Composition Recital)

5 pm Fayber Rodriguez and Jeffrey Martin Joint Senior Composition Recital

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