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Practice Room Sign Ups

  • Hand sanitizers will be located on the walls of every practice room.
  • You are required to hand sanitize before and after entering each room
  • Building access for practice rooms is 7am-11pm every day of the week
  • Check the schedule for a room via the QR code on the door before entering to ensure it’s available 
  • Wear a mask whenever possible if your instrument allows it.
  • Wipe down and sanitize all music stands, keyboard instruments, chairs, and other surfaces touched before you start practicing with the sanitation wipes/spray provided.
  • Practice rooms are only to be used if they are signed out and scheduled. Rooms are available in 60 minute increments with a 15 minute block to allow for air to circulate. Ex: If you sign out 12pm-1:15, you have the room until 1pm so air can circulate from 1pm-1:15. You can sign up for consecutive times so long as you allow for 15 minutes for air to circulate at the end of your time

PAHB 153 – For drumset students only

PAHB 154 (Baby Grand, Mirror)

PAHB 158 (Upright)

PAHB 159 (Upright, Mirror)

PAHB 160 (Upright)

PAHB 161 (Upright, Mirror)

PAHB 162 (Upright, Mirror)

PAHB 163 (Baby Grand)

PAHB 164 (Baby Grand)

PAHB 165 (Baby Grand, Mirror)

PAHB 169 (Baby Grand, Mirror)

PAHB 170 (Baby Grand)

PAHB 249 (Baby Grand)

PAHB 250(Baby Grand)