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A small choral ensemble consisting of 16 auditioned singers from across the university. Camerata performs a wide variety of works drawn from the expansive choral repertoire: including Renaissance motets and madrigals, folksongs, choral-orchestral works, German part songs, Russian sacred liturgies, American spirituals, and new works. In previous seasons Camerata has performed with the Handel Choir of Baltimore as well as the Howard County Concert Orchestra.

Ensemble Information

When does Camerata rehearse?

Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 – 2:15

All rehearsals are held in the Linehan Concert Hall located in the Performing Arts and Humanities Building. Safe social distancing practices have been approved by the university.

Who should audition for Camerata?

Any UMBC undergraduate or graduate student with significant choral experience, music reading skills, a commitment to expressive singing, and a creative imagination. Due to social distancing guidelines, only 16 singers will be accepted for the Fall semester.

4 sopranos

4 altos

4 tenors

4 basses

Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 – 2:15. One octet will rehearse on stage on each of those days without masks and with generous distancing. Later in the semester we may have the opportunity to rehearse all singers together with students spread through the entire hall. There likely will be no live public performance at the end of semester, but the small size of the ensemble will make for a friendly, relaxed, and engaging learning experience. We will also look to do a video project or two!

* Students who audition should either be living on campus or have worked out how to also manage any synchronous online T/R 12:00 or 2:30 classes in their schedule.

What are the additional things for which singers are responsible?

Sopranos and Altos are required to purchase a Music Department black performance dress and pearl necklace. The cost is approximately $76. Information on ordering and payment will be supplied the first week of the semester. Tenors and Basses are required to own a black suit, a solid black silk necktie, a dress white shirt, a black belt, and black dress shoes. In addition, all singers are required to purchase scores from the UMBC Bookstore in time for the first rehearsal. Semester packets are typically no more than $25 or so.