ENTR Minor with a Concentration in Arts Entrepreneurship

ENTR Focus in Arts Entrepreneurship

The new focus on Arts Entrepreneurship is a recommended pathway to complete the Minor in Entrepreneurship for students majoring in the four arts disciplines (Music, Theatre, Visual Arts, Dance). This recommended pathway explores the intersection of arts and entrepreneurship as an interdisciplinary study, engaging with the unique circumstances surrounding student artists practicing their discipline and launching their careers. The Arts Entrepreneurship focus will provide students with the skills and introductory experiences needed to be successful in their communities and complement UMBC’s rigorous programs that train students in artistic creation and performance.

Students in the Visual and Performing Arts are encouraged to declare the Minor in Entrepreneurship by their sophomore year and follow the recommended pathway below to fulfil the minor requirements.

For more information contact Corrie Parks, cfparks@umbc.edu,  current ENTR Faculty Fellow.

Below are the requirements for the ENTR Minor with a Concentration in Arts Entrepreneurship:

CORE COURSES [Required, 6 credits]

*ENTR 200*  Introduction to Entrepreneurship

*ENTR 201*   The Entrepreneurial Mindset

ONE of the following ENTR courses [3 credits]:

*ENTR 320* Entrepreneurial Marketing

*ENTR 330* Entrepreneurial Finance

*ENTR 340* Innovation, Creative Problem-Solving and the Socialpreneur

INTERNSHIP [3 credits]

One internship in the major/minor area. These internships may be substituted for ENTR 300 in the ENTR Minor requirements. Departmental policies regarding the course requirements should be followed. The UMBC Career Center is a helpful resource for students seeking internships in the arts. Student should request approval for the substitution from George Karabatis at georgek@umbc.edu

*THTR 430* Theater Internship

*DANC 400* Independent Studies in Dance (Dance Internship section)

*MUSC 400* Special Projects

*ART 494/496/498* Visual Arts Internship

TWO ENTR Electives 
The following elective may fall within the student’s arts major (all of these are approved for the Entrepreneurship Minor). Alternatively, the student may select TWO electives from the general ENTR elective list [3 credits]:*

*ART 322* Social Entrepreneurship in Place

*ART 339* Design Thinking for the Social Entrepreneur

*ART 341* Introduction to Animation

*ART 427* Museum Practice

*ART 485/CMSC 493* Team-Based Game Development

*MUSC 323* Career Development for Musicians

*THTR 345* Auditioning and the Business of Acting

*THTR 460* Senior Capstone

*Note: Some elective courses may not be offered regularly. Please check with the department as you plan your schedule.