Sitar Arts Center Hosts Art Exhibition by Jonathan Zwi

Sitar Arts Center will be hosting an opening reception of 3S, a series of paintings by UMBC Music affiliate artist in guitar, Jonathan Zwi. 

In addition to being a classically trained guitarist, Jonathan Zwi is a visual artist  whose artistic interest lies in exploring the dynamics of aesthetic experience and the perceptual mechanisms through which we construct concepts of meaning and beauty in art.

3S comprises a selection of paintings created during his residency in the village of Tatuamunha, Brazil in August of 2017. 

These paintings seek to evoke some of the natural and social experiences of daily life in this rural part of the country—experiences that are uniquely personal, but which embody pervasive cultural realities that pertain to the country as a whole.

Congrats to Jonathan on his upcoming art exhibit!   

Posted: January 22, 2020, 4:03 PM