Spring 2020 Music Faculty and Student Achievement

Faculty Achievement

Matt Belzer and the Anansi Trio received an Independent Artists Award from the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC).
Lindsay Johnson received a fellowship from the Center for Research, Innovation, and Creativity in the Arts (CIRCA) for Creating Multimedia Curricular Videos for Music History
Brian Kaufman received a College of Art, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS) Pedagogy and Teaching Grant for course equipment.
Daniel Pesca and the Grossman Ensemble will be participating in the Library of Congress’ Boccaccio Project, a commissioning project inspired by mid-14th century Giovanni Boccaccio to create new music in the midst of a global pandemic. He also was received a research fellowship from Office of the Vice President.
Joseph Siu received CAHSS Dean’s Research Fund Awards for his research on Contributions of Absolute Pitch Possession and Tone Languages to the Perception of the Tritone Paradox
Airi Yoshioka received an Independent Artists Award from the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC)

Student Achievement

Ebonie Pierce (Music Performance ’22) received an Undergraduate Research Award to study baroque ornamentation.
Erika Rollins (Music Performance ’22) received placed second in the category of Second year College/Independent Studio Women for the National Association for Teachers of Singing vocal competition.