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Outside the Lines: Beyond This Point

Musician Minus Instrument


Earl and Darielle Linehan Concert Hall

Date & Time

February 5, 2023, 3:00 pm5:00 pm


The Department of Music presents Outside the Lines, a concert series made possible with financial support from the Linehan Linehan Fund for Excellence in the Arts. These concerts feature three unique ensembles dedicated to blurring traditional music formats in presentation and composition.

What does a musician become without their instrument? Can they use their skills in other ways, and still make music? What are the boundaries of what we can all agree is an "instrument"? What does musical virtuosity become if we don't have 88 keys, 4 strings and a bow, or an embouchure through which to experience it?
Living up to their name, Chicago-based collective ensemble Beyond This Point explores these questions in a concert that both breaks and expands what it means to be a musician and a performer. The musicians’ “instruments” run the gamut from a loose jack cable, to sheets of bubble wrap, to an IKEA desk lamp, to their own bodies and voices. Each work is suffused with musical virtuosity, but that virtuosity is brought to bear on an object or context that seems to resist being labeled as “musical”. Yet, after passing through the eye of the needle, the performers and audience alike emerge on the other side having glimpsed at a possible future where musical expression is no longer constrained to the world of instruments.

Beyond This Point’s program, entitled Musician Minus Instrument, features works by Jessie MarinoTonia KoKaj Duncan David, Stefano D’Alessio, Simon Løffler, François Sarhan, and Mark Applebaum.

This performance involves the use of strobe lights.

$15 general admission
$10 seniors
$5 students
Free for UMBC music majors and music faculty/staff