All symposium and Livewire events will be in the Performing Arts and Humanities Building (PAHB)


Thursday, Oct. 20


Conference check in (Lower lobby)



Livewire concert prelude: Dream Prayer Observatory (Dance Technology Studio)



Livewire concert: Ruckus (Linehan Concert Hall)


Friday, Oct. 21: Conference begins


Check in and coffee (Lower lobby)



Dr. Jessica Rudman, Chair

Compositional Identity and Response (PAHB151 – The Music Box)

Maria Kaoutzani: Musical identities and the international classroom

Ian Power: Teaching Composition for Confidence, Equity, and Community

David MacDonald: Better Feedback on Compositions Using Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process



Dr. Daniel Pesca, Chair

Teaching Compositional Process (PAHB151 – The Music Box)

Mara Gibson: Teaching to Creativity: My Approach to Teaching Composition (remote)

Joseph Sowa: The Power of a Composer’s Artistic Voice: Toward a Holistic Composition Pedagogy

Aaron Helgeson: Creative Methods, Process, and Wellness



Livewire Student Concert (Linehan Concert Hall)


3:30 pm
Dr. Jessica Rudman presents her music and teaches a composition masterclass with UMBC student composers (PAHB 151 – The Music Box)



Livewire concert: counter)induction (Linehan Concert Hall)


Saturday, Oct. 22


Check in and coffee (Lower Lobby)



Dr. Linda Dusman, Chair

Composition in the Community (PAHB151 – The Music Box)

Lynnsey Lambrecht: Compose the Year: Inspiring Creativity and Building Techniques in Composers through Daily Activities

Ralph Lewis, Mike McAndrew, ShayLyssa Alexander, Peter Tijerina, Tamra Gingold, Alyssa Tong, Molly O’Roark: All Score Urbana: Reflecting on Six Years of Community Engagement Composition Workshop Practices (remote)

Alissa Voth: LUDENS: educational music composition games



Dr. Yesook Suh, Chair

Composition and Music Education (PAHB151 – The Music Box)

Phil Salathé: Silent Film Scoring as the Basis for a Pre-College Composition Curriculum (remote)

Lindsay Bass WORKSHOP: From Discovery to Structure: Exploring Compositions with Students Ages 10-15

Walter Lindberg WORKSHOP: Collaborate, Create, Orchestrate: Group Composition with Elementary Strings



Dr. Daniel Pesca, Chair

Teaching compositional technique (PAHB151 – The Music Box)

Bradley Green and Andrew Hannon: Pedagogical Trends in the Undergraduate Composition Curriculum

Frank Nawrot: The Necessary Skills for Undergraduate Composition Students and How Form Can Unlock a Composer’s Creativity

Mathieu Lacroix: Mixed Music Pedagogy From the Composer’s Perspective (remote)

Sky Macklay and Katherine Balch WORKSHOP: No Music? No problem!



Dr. Jessica Rudman, introduction

James Mobberley, keynote speaker (PAHB151 – The Music Box)



Livewire concert: Patrick Crossland and Alexander Frangenheim (Linehan Concert Hall)