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UMBC Wind Ensemble Releases Debut Album

Announcing the release of Filtering - the UMBC Wind Ensemble's debut album! Featuring world premiere recordings of works by Daniel Bernard Roumain, Brad Ellis, UMBC alum Samuel Winnie, and UMBC faculty members Anna Rubin and Janice Macaulay. 

Donate $50 or more to the UMBC Wind Ensemble and receive as a gift a physical CD of the album signed by the conductor. Your support will allow students in the wind ensemble to benefit from new, exciting, and ambitious projects in the future. 

How to give to the UMBC Wind Ensemble:

  1. Go to support.umbc.edu

  2. Choose your donation amount and the schedule for your gift

  3. Under "Select My Designations", scroll down to Music and "check the box". Click "Continue"

  4. Complete the about you section.

  5. IMPORTANT: Check the last box titled "Additional Comments"; in the "Comments About Your Gift" section write "For the UMBC Wind Ensemble." This is needed for your donation to get to the wind ensemble and for us to be able to send you the CD gift.

  6. Complete the rest of the requested information as directed. Review and Finalize your gift. Thank you!!!

OR purchase the album on Amazon (HERE) or on any other major streaming service.

Posted: April 1, 2022, 9:36 AM