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Hi Tom Ensemble at The Red Room

The Hi Tom Ensemble, a percussion quartet consisting of UMBC students Kyra O'Donnell, Alex Armbruster, Adam Smith, and Brandon Gouin, performed as part of the Red Room's "The Red Room in Your Room" virtual weekly concert series on Thursday February 24th. You can view the video of their performance here.

Mentored by Tom Goldstein at UMBC, Hi Tom Ensemble specializes in new music, theater percussion, and improv. On this program they present a unique combination of two pieces: "Indeterminacy" by John Cage performed simultaneously with "Creative Construction Set" by George Lewis. These pieces show Hi Tom's influences, and their fusion creates new opportunities in the world of avant-garde percussion music.

You can find more videos and info on their YouTube channel and Instagram.

Posted: March 29, 2022, 4:17 PM